About Us

FURIA JIU-JITSU SPORTS was developed for JIU-JITSU ATHLETES and all those who practice the extreme modalities furiously.

FURIA JIU-JITSU SPORTS has strengthened over the years, embracing athletes of all types and ages. Many of our athletes relate to our brand because of its' name, and the way in which our products are developed. We are always looking to develop products of high QUALITY and lots of STYLE, we always try to launch products that please our ATHLETES.

The name FURIA is derived from Latin, we believe that the FURIA perfectly expresses what we see in you: AGGRESSIVENESS, RAGE, COURAGE, TALENT, DEDICATION, RESPECT, STRENGTH, SPIRIT, SOUL, etc.

We are sure that you too will relate to our brand, in case you still do not use FURIA, you better wear us or FURIA will get you.... Osss... FURIA JIU-JITSU SPORTS